Thermostat Máy lạnh
Thermostat Honeywell 
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Thermostat Honeywell T6373 A1108


Thermostat Honeywell

Chuyên dùng để điều khiển nhiệt độ trong lĩnh vực điều hòa không khí.

Thermostat Honeywell T6373 A1108 – Bảng hiển thị điều chỉnh nhiệt độ kỹ thuật.

Nguồn điện cấp: 220 V~, 50…60 Hz
Mức bảo vệ: IP30
Nhiệt độ cài đặt: 10-30 oC
Vận hành: On-Off, hai ống, chế độ nhiệt/ lạnh, ba tốc độ quạt.


• Dual diaphragm sensing element ensures close temperature control for all loads and applications
• Attractive modern styling makes this thermostat ideal for locating in the occupied space, particularly in offices or hotels
• All versions have heat anticipator, which improves temperature control in both heating and cooling operation
• Thermostat mounts directly onto a wall or conduit box
• Slide switches allow manual control of system operation and fan speed
• Auto heat/cool changeover possible (on some versions) by using pipe thermostat
• Optional extras:
– range stops F42006646-001
– tamperproof cover F42008489-001 (opaque), F42008489-002 (transparent)


• Setpoint range : 10…30oC. By means of a large setpoint dial
• Supply voltage : 230 V~, 50…60 Hz
• Thermostat switch: S.P.D.T.
• Performance : Typical differential 1K (heating & cooling) at 20oC at 50% load with anticipator connected
• Electrical ratings : 4(2) A, 230 V~
Typical loads are fans, zone valves and relays
• Operational life : Greater than 100,000 cycles (all loads) for thermostat contacts at 230 V~
Greater than 6,000 operations for all manually operated switches
• Mounting : Mounts directly onto wall or wall-box (mounting screws supplied)
• Wiring : Up to 8 screw-in terminals per unit, capable of accepting wires up to 1.5 mm2
• Enclosure : Plastic 2-piece housing
• Dimensions : 85 x 130 x 40 mm (w x h x d).
• Protection class : IP30
• Environmental requirements: Operating temperature range 0 to 40oC
Shipping and storage temperature range -20 to 50oC
Humidity range 0 to 90% rh, noncondensing
• Approvals : CE mark, complying with standards
EN60730-1 (1995), EN55014-1 (1997),
EN55014-2 (1996).
• Product must be wired as shown for CE compliance.